My Plate & Place with… Spasia Dinkovski

My Plate & Place with… Spasia Dinkovski

London-based chef, Spasia Dinkovski, is the creative force behind Mystic Burek. Launched in July 2020, Mystic Burek is a tribute to second-generation Balkan cooking, inspired by Spasia’s grandmother’s cherished recipes.

Spasia, with 15 years of experience in professional kitchens across London and the US, has earned recognition from esteemed publications like The Observer Food Monthly, Olive magazine, Time Out, and The Times.

Her unique culinary venture has also been featured in Eater magazine, the Telegraph, and the Guardian – what started as a lockdown hobby driven by a longing for her grandmother’s traditional cheese and egg filo pie has evolved into an iconic culinary experience.

We wanted to find out Spasia’s favourite things to do in London.

Describe your perfect day in London?

I love summer days in London, by foot, picking up as many different snacks along the way as possible. Relaxing in the sun on a pub bench and ending it with a meal al fresco at Ciao Bella with a carbonara and a bottle of Lambrusco. A decadent little day.

Favourite restaurant?

Blacklock – it’s perfectly laid back and always consistent.

Best place for brunch?

I’m not a huge fan of the general idea of brunch, although I love any kind of breakfast food. I’m way more into the simplicity of a traditional British café. I don’t take too many risks on the most important meal of the day. And who doesn’t love a deep-fried sausage? My favourite cafes for a traditional breakfast are The Corner Cafe in Waterloo, and E Pellici which is an absolute classic.

What was the last museum or gallery you visited?

The Migration Museum in Lewisham Shopping Centre. They are a diverse and dynamic charity that organise exhibitions such as Taking Care of Business, which I was lucky enough to be included in as part of the story of migrant entrepreneurs in Britain.

Where are the best places to shop?

Charity shops all the way, they’ve got everything you need.

Preferred bar or pub for a great night out?

I’ll always love El Camion in Soho for late-night margaritas and something fried. My baking schedule doesn’t lend itself well to nights out, you’re more likely to find me in the pub on a Sunday – The Plimsoll is perfect for a boozy afternoon.

Most relaxing place to unwind?

The top of Blythe Hill has a stellar view of London to zone out to.

If you had only one day in London, where would you visit?

I’d hit the markets, which are the little beating hearts of the city. The Latin Village, Seven Sisters Market is a little gem; soft, cheesy breads, nick-nack you don’t really need and a restaurant that sells those big, holiday bottles of beer and platters of meat.

What is your top London tip?

Don’t buy those weird stale pizzas from the kiosks in central late at night, no matter how hungry you are.

Tell us what you are currently up to?

I’m preparing for a big week, getting ready to open the shop, plenty of baking and in two days my book, Doma is finally out in the world!


Check out Mystic Burek for some of the most incredible Balkan snacks, puddings and hot filo slices.


Main photo by Verity Quirk.


Photography by Caitlin Isola

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