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We are a team of passionate writers and foodies, dedicated to unearthing the hidden gems and timeless classics of the city. Our curated content reflects the diverse tapestry of London’s cultural landscape, from its bustling markets and historic tea rooms to its avant-garde cocktail bars and iconic department stores.

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About Place & Place founder Stephanie Brookes

Stephanie Brookes is a Food Writer, Restaurant Reviewer and Presenter. She has a long-running Restaurant Expert segment on BBC Radio London, exploring London’s thriving culinary scene. You might know her as a familiar voice at BBC Radio London as she also appears as a regular media panelist on late-night talk segment ‘Chewing the Fat’. Stephanie’s work has appeared in the Mail Online, Evening Standard, to name a few. She has presented at the British Restaurant Awards in London, and is also a judge for the Great Taste Awards. Stephanie’s new TV series, ‘Restaurants of London’ is out now on Amazon Prime Video. This sumptuous, food-travelogue is a love letter to London’s world-renowned dining scene and features interviews with Jonathan Phang and Tom Parker Bowles.

Stephanie Brookes