My Plate & Place with… Lorenzo Gavelli

My Plate & Place with… Lorenzo Gavelli

Lorenzo Gavelli, a seasoned hospitality professional with a decade of experience, brings his passion for the industry to his role as General Manager of Disrepute. Over the past few years, Lorenzo’s leadership has been instrumental in establishing Disrepute as one of London’s leading bars, renowned for its innovative cocktail programs and exceptional customer service.

The latest cocktail menu is inspired by ‘Oxymorons’ which focuses on the contradictory nature of ingredients and flavour. ‘Cocktails embody the paradoxical nature of oxymorons through the meticulous combination of ingredients that juxtapose and harmonise contrasting flavours, textures, and sensations. This fusion of seemingly contradictory elements, such as bitter or sour components with sweet ones or fiery spices with cooling agents, yields a libation that transcends the sum of its parts’, says Lorenzo.

‘The historical essence of the term “cocktail” as a concoction of potent spirits intermingled with moderating elements underscores the inherent duality in mixology, where complexity emerges from the delicate balance of opposites. Cocktails epitomise the artistry of oxymorons, uniting discordant elements to create a symphony of taste and experience.’ adds Lorenzo.

With cocktails such as Open Secret, Real Potential, Old News and Perfect Imperfection these delicious concoctions are a must-try when visiting Soho.

Lorenzo has kindly shared with us his favourite things to do in London.


Describe your perfect day in London?

Something involving good drinks and good food, preferably without having to make them myself! I do like cooking but in my line of work it’s equally as nice to be the one being looked after from time to time.

Favourite restaurant?

Bancone. The pasta is fresh and made to order, even the parmesan is grated tableside. I also like that the menu rotates often. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Best place for brunch?

Brunch is not something I do on a regular basis so I will take this as an opportunity to give Fallow an honourable mention (they do brunch and it’s great – in case you were wondering). As a bartender, you develop an appreciation from where you source your ingredients. I am a big fan of their approach to gastronomy.

What was the last museum or gallery you visited?

Leake Street Tunnel. I have always considered it something of an out in the open, unofficial art gallery. I tend to prefer street art to fine art and I like the ever-changing aspect of Leake Street. Ironically, London is full of museums but visiting them seems to be more of a holiday activity for me.


Where are the best places to shop?

Camden Market. If you are looking for something, you’ll probably find it there. There’s also a great variety of shops of all kinds in and around the area.

Preferred bar or pub for a great night out?

I have recently taken a liking to Dram, one of my favourite new openings. There is whisky, there’s beer and even cocktails on tap, and several different spaces to explore within the venue.

Most relaxing place to unwind?

A long walk on the Southbank with a coffee and perhaps a book.

If you had only one day in London, where would you visit?

Instead of the usual attractions, I would get off the beaten track and head east. Broadway Market, Victoria Park and Hackney Wick. It feels more ‘authentic’ and akin to what life in London is like.

What is your top London tip?

Walk fast. Or you will get bumped into. A lot.

Tell us what you are currently up to?

I am currently running Disrepute cocktail bar in Soho, where I look after the financial and creative side as well as the day-to-day running of the bar.


For inventive cocktails and warm hospitality, Disrepute bar is a must.

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