My Plate & Place with… Katie Caldesi

My Plate & Place with…Kate Caldesi

Katie Caldesi is one of London’s top restaurateurs, and a successful author of 18 cookbooks. Together, with her husband Giancarlo, they oversee their hugely popular restaurant group, Caldesi.

Katie and Giancarlo first met in 1997 when she was an artist. He loved her paintings, and she loved his pasta. Over the next few years, they opened 2 restaurants, a cookery school, wrote their highly successful cookbooks (5 of which are about Italian cookery) and had two children.

The BBC2 series Return to Tuscany about their cookery holidays was aired in 2006. In 2010, the Italian government presented Giancarlo with the Cavaliere del Lavoro for his lifetime work representing Italy abroad.

The couple have also written 6 books about how to navigate a low-carb lifestyle to help reverse Giancarlo’s type 2 diabetes. Giancarlo is now in his 10th year of remission and continues to keep his weight low and energy levels high. This year, the couple opened a new restaurant in Belsize Park.

Katie was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to share some of her favourite things about London.

Caldesi Meal

Describe your perfect day in London?

Moseying around junk shops and flea markets. Stopping for lunch at an independent little restaurant.

Favourite restaurant?

St John in Marylebone Lane, especially for an Eccles cake with cheese. I would also add my own restaurant, Caldesi in Belsize Park which has just opened.

Best place for brunch?

The Ivy in Marylebone just because of the brilliant French Manager.

What was the last museum or gallery you visited?

The Roman Army Exhibition at the British Museum.

Caldesi Chicken Meal

Where are the best places to shop?

Any charity and junk shop as I love a bargain as well as doing some good at the same time.

Preferred bar or pub for a great night out?

The Italians in Marylebone for natural wine and a plate of freshly cut charcuterie.

Most relaxing place to unwind?

The V&A for the latest exhibition and then a wander around the galleries where time stands still.

If you had only one day in London, where would you visit?

Visit a borough away from the typical chain-owned shops in the centre of town. By seeing just those you could be anywhere in the world. I like places like Brick Lane, Columbia Road and Green Lanes for Turkish food.

What is your top London tip?

Make sure to explore London Fields. There’s plenty to do and see, plus some excellent restaurants.

Tell us what you are currently up to?

Looking for recycled furniture and fittings for our new restaurant Caldesi in Belsize. Just bought a huge 1930’s mirror from a French cocktail bar.


Make sure to visit Katie and Giancarlo’s wonderful new restaurant in Belsize Park – the menu is stunning.

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