My Plate & Place with… Andrea Pesenti

My Plate & Place with…Andrea Pesenti

Andrea Pesenti, Head Chef Luci has taken his culinary passion on a journey from his childhood home of Verona to the bustling eateries of London. For Andrea, home is where the kitchen is. With a unique desire for great-tasting food and attention to detail, Andrea finds himself at the helm of Luci, the new Italian Dining Bakery in the heart of Covent Garden. We can vouch for this incredible restaurant, with the freshly made pizzas being some one of the best we’ve tried.

Born and raised in Verona, Andrea’s love for food led him to enrol at Istituto Alberghiero, where he discovered new techniques, studied culinary theories, and enhanced his knowledge of the trade. Andrea’s curiosity to try new tastes urged him to become experimental with his work.

In London, he learned traditional Italian cuisine with Paolo Simioni, he moved to Soho with Andrea Mantovani, where in Mele e Pere he worked his way up to become Head Chef. Then came his time at Bunga Bunga in Covent Garden, followed by the iconic bakery Princi in Soho, where Andrea focused on freshly made bread, Italian pastry, and pizza, all made with natural Sourdough. An experience that within a few years grew into a vocation.

Discussing his vision for Luci, Andrea relishes in the challenge of presenting a new culinary concept to the ever-changing food scene in London. Stepping into the kitchen each day, Andrea combines his experimental passion and desire for great-tasting Italian dishes.

Chef Pesenti was kind enough to share his favourite things about London.

Lizza at Luci

Describe your perfect day in London?

Head over to Westminster Tube station, come out from the main exit with a straight view of Big Ben. Walk across the bridge and up to London Bridge by the river and when the tide is low it is a must to pop on the dry pebble space close by the Thames and take in the view. Then on to the street food vendors under the bridge before a few pints of ale at Borough Market.

Favourite restaurant?

Four Seasons in Chinatown never lets me down! The Pecking Duck, Hot & Sour soup, Baby Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce, and Egg Fried Rice. Heaven! I love Asian food, and this was the first Chinese Restaurant I visited 20 years ago.

Best place for brunch?

I don’t go out often for brunch, but I recently visited The Horse & Groom pub in Guildford and I enjoyed the quality of the food.

What was the last museum or gallery you visited?

Banksy Exhibition in Regent Street.

LUCI - Woodfire Pizza Oven _ Executive Chef Andrea Pesenti

Where are the best places to shop?

If I need genuine veggies and fruits, I go to Pawelek, a Polish shop with top-quality ingredients. For something premium, Bayley & Sage in Wimbledon Village. Neal’s Yard is my favourite cheesemonger.

Preferred bar or pub for a great night out?

The location for a special night out is always different, I think. If you want a special cocktail experience, Dukes or The Connaught are my choice. Otherwise, I would go to Waxy O’Connor for an informal night.

Most relaxing place to unwind?

Rottingdean. I love to go with my family, and it has beaches where the dogs can walk free, so my four-legged friends can enjoy time out with us too. Classic Fish and Chips by the Sea is a must-do.

If you had only one day in London, where would you visit?

I would spend all day in Soho digging for records, my favourite shop is Phonica. Then a nice Pho or Ramen. Finishing the evening off at a club!

What is your top London tip?

The weather can be bad most of the time, but it is a city that never stops, you can find always something to do. Don’t think that your resources on seeking a day out are limited. London will never get you bored.

Tell us what you are currently up to?

I am focusing on Luci a lot with the new menu which is very close to launching. I want this to be a big hit!


Check out Luci in Covent Garden for next-level pizza, pastries and freshly baked bread.

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